About Us

Huffmanx was founded with a compassionate outlook and a revolutionary objective: to introduce principles of elegance and self-confidence into the jewelry industry by providing designer jewelry at affordable prices. Every great company was founded on a problem. 

For Huffmanx, it was the moment our founders realized that affordable jewelry was almost never as elegant and classy as they wanted, and elegant, classy jewelry was never affordable. 

Every great company was founded on a problem. For Huffmanx, it began with business students in Los Angeles ,USA. As college attendees, they often found themselves short on cash at the moments they needed it the most. Then one day, a moment arose that changed everything for them. 

One of the students had been planning to attend their mother’s birthday celebration and had saved for several months to afford a nice, elegant piece of jewelry to gift her. At the last moment, however, plans changed. With a car that wouldn’t run without the help of a mechanic and their mother’s birthday to get to, the student now had to choose between buying the jewelry their mother wanted or attending the party at all. That pivotal moment standing out in the snow beside a broken-down car and wrestling with the decision of being the child they wanted to be or just being there for their mother was the moment Huffmanx was born. 


Here at Huffmanx, we pride ourselves on our dedication to serving the community with luxurious, affordable jewelry. From the moment our company was conceived, our team has been dedicated to creating promising solutions that would please at prices you can afford. Built to encompass both style and individuality, we allow everyone to express themselves without being a slave to their bank account.

Since its founding, our company has remained dedicated to providing elegant, high-class jewelry at prices everyone can afford, and we will remain dedicated to that principle for years to come. 


By asking ourselves what we can do better every minute of every day, we are able to provide stylish, elegant jewelry that is handcrafted in-house at prices you can afford. From designing to distributing, Huffmanx oversees all stages of the production process so we can guarantee you a premium product at a steal of a price. 

Too many companies today prioritize their profits over the value of their customers. They are built on numbers and dedicated to focusing only on what they can see, rather than the lives they can’t. 
Huffmanx is different. We possess a core belief that no other company in the world has, and likely will never have again. We believe that our profits aren’t derived from monetary gain. Rather, we profit from the joy we bring our community. And you can’t measure happiness with a dollar sign. 


Address:194 West Huanshi Rd #2229, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Tel: (+86) 18664766852

Email: info@huffmanx.com.